Diffusors and Absorbers

AVT encorporates many attractive types of Traditional Absorption Sound Isolation Systems. Also including Beneficial Sound Reflection Systems and True Acoustical Diffusion as well as combined Absorption and Diffusion in one. AVT offers the technology and design capabilities that offer beautiful solutions that enhance your facility\'s appearance.

Traditional Absorption

  • Fabric Wrapped Panels
  • Baffles and Clouds
  • Perforated Metal and Co-Polymer Panels
  • Fabric Stretch Systems
  • Open Cell Foam Panels

The Next Generation of Absorption

  • Wood Panels
  • Stretched Membrane Systems
  • Transparent Panels and Membranes

Beneficial Reflections

  • Curved Panels
  • Acoustically Optimized Surfaces

True Acoustical Diffusion

  • One Dimmensional Diffusers
  • Two Dimmensional Diffusers

Absorption / Diffusion

  • One Dimmensional Diffusion with Absorption
  • Two Dimmensional Diffusion with Absorption